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Nirathi Rao Kalavapudi

As Founder and Director of Rhythmaya, Nirathi is dedicated to providing the very best in Indian dance instruction, original choreography, and performance services in the Washington, DC metro area. In India, Nirathi trained in the classical Kuchipudi dance style under Smt. Sumathy Kaushal, Smt. Mrinalani Sadananda and Guru Pasumarty Vital.

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Sheila Oak Maggin

Sheila uses her diverse background to choreograph dance, teaching Kathak and Bollywood at Rhythmaya Dance in Rockville. She is trained in many forms of dance including Kathak, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Belly Dance, and Middle Eastern Tribal. Under renowned Kathak Guru Asha Vattikuti, Sheila completed her Rangmunch Pravesh in 2002.

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Shriya K. Kalavapudi

Shriya has been a member of the Rhythmaya Dance Troupe since 2009 and loves to choreograph and develop themes. She loves fusing styles to create a unique perspective. Shriya has been dancing since the age of six and is trained in the traditional Indian dance form, Kuchipudi under Madhavi Mynampati and Guru Pasumarty Vital.

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Aarthi Sundar

A resident of Rockville, Maryland, Aarthi has no formal training in classical or Bollywood dance. However, she has spent most of her life choreographing dances with family and friends for special occasions. Being on troupe makes Aarthi push herself to learn new styles of dance and she admits to getting a great workout with it too.

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Aagya Mathur

Aagya started dancing with tap and jazz training at the age of four. Even though the styles were quite different, she loved the energy of each. At age five, Aagya’s mom started teaching her Bollywood steps and dances, and she started copying Bollywood movies, teaching herself other dances.

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Neha Kasabwala

At the age of six, Neha’s mother enrolled her in Bharatnatyam classes at her local temple in New Jersey. There, she learned folk, Bollywood, and classical dance, of which she performed in a variety of shows and competitions. Neha practiced classical dance for 10 years before she graduated and performed her arangetaram in Bharatnatyam.

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Munni Islam

A resident of Alexandria, Virginia, Munni was not formally trained in dance, however, she has loved dancing for as long as she can remember, especially Bollywood and other forms of dance. For Munni, the best part of Rhythmaya is the incredible chemistry of the troupe members and all the wonderful personalities.

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Medha Chandorkar

Growing up in the South, I never had the opportunity to do any formal training in Indian/Bollywood dance. But my family and I would watch Bollywood movies every weekend, so I would teach myself the dances I saw Madhuri and Juhi performing on our TV screen. It was one of my favorite hobbies and my […]

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Pooja Vora

I have been dancing since I was a little girl.  I have done Bharatanatyam, was a student of the Prena School of Dance on high school.  In college I was part of a Bollywood/fusion all girls dance team called Temple Agni.  We competed at different competitions and won several as well. I like how the […]

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Sapna Bhatia

I have been doing Bollywood dancing since the age of five.  I started off doing performances at our local Sindhi Diwali Ball and then progressed to taking Bharatnatyam, then performing at family weddings and then joining my university’s competing (UVA) South Asian Dance Team, Sharaara.  Upon graduating, in 2006, I joined Rhythmaya.  After getting married […]

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Tricha Kumar

Tricha began her formal dancer career with the Abhyasa School of Dance under Guru Jyothi Venkatachalam when she was six years old, and completed her Bharatanatyam Arangetram at the age of fifteen. Growing up, she competed in folk and garba competitions and began choreographing her own dances with friends, winning awards for her choreography. Tricha went on to compete in a […]

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Wrijoya Roy

Wrijoya has grown up watching Bollywood movies–from Sholay to Hum Aapke Hain Kaun to DDLJ to K3G…the list continues. Although she is not formally trained in dance, she easily absorbs the dance knowledge/moves sha red by others around her. Her parents have always encouraged her and her sisters to be creatively active, which i s […]

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Pooja Jani (Alumna)

Pooja trained for several years in Bharatnatyam when she was 10 years old. She competed in several FOGANA (The Federation of Gujarati Associations of North America) Garba competitions during middle school and high school which jump started her interest in Garba.

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Johanna Mubaraki (Alumna)

Johanna has enjoyed and cherished all types of dancing throughout her life. Living in India at a young age, she was trained in classical Indian dancing including Kathak and Bharat Natyam. Her friends, family, and colleagues began to recognize her talents and requested her Bollywood/Bellydance performances at a number of Indian and Middle-Eastern weddings.

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Henna Shah (Alumna)

My love for music as a baby got me started as a dancer. I’ve never had any formal training other than what I would see on television growing up, it seemed to come naturally to me. I danced and performed locally till I was 19 which is when I got into teaching with schools in […]

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