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A Traditional and Cultural Experience

Kathak Dance is one of the 8 classical Dance forms from the South Asian Sub-Contienent.  It dates back to 200 BCE and is noted as one of the few classical dance forms that continuously evolves.  Our Kathakas (dancers) learn to tell stories through their intricate footwork (tatkar), arm movements (hasthakas) and facial expressions (abhinay). 


Our formal Kathak graduation program prides itself in teaching traditional aspects of Kathak while preparing students for the practicality and application of Kathak to contemporary and fusion dances as well.  We do offer a formal graduation program (Raangmanch Pervesham) where students showcase their knowledge of the fundamentals of the Kathak dance form in a continuous 2 to 3 hour dance performance. 


Students will also learn basics of North Indian music theory as it applies to Kathak as well as key Kathak terminology and at times students are taught basic Hindi in order to help comprehend many of the stories shown through Kathak.