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Rhythmaya Dance was started in 2005 by Nirathi Rao with a vision of spreading her passion and love for Indian dance styles. Growing from humble beginnings, Rhythmaya’s first Bollywood classes were hosted in Nirathi’s garage and basement. With only a handful of students, the dance academy began making a name for itself with performances in local community centers and small gigs/venues. Every year, Nirathi saw an increase of students and Rhythmaya Dance really started to expand.


A few years after starting, Shelia Oak joined the ranks and there was no stopping Rhythmaya Dance. Kathak dance classes were added and Rhythmaya extended into Maryland. Nirathi and Shelia became a dynamic duo who turned this dance academy into something more than just a few dance classes.


Rhythmaya Dance now has 6 locations, 25 experienced instructors and 300+ wonderful students. Apart from Bollywood and Kathak dance classes, Rhythmaya has expanded its services to include special choreography workshops for weddings/special events, a performance troupe, and an array of beautiful costumes available to rent.


At Rhythmaya Dance it is understood that anyone can become a dancer but only with the support of a devoted community. That is why this dance academy is a perfect fit for anyone of any background. When you join the Rhythmaya community, you join a large, loyal and loving family where the only thing that matter is: Are you ready to get up and move?

Bollywood & Kathak Dance Classes

Bollywood is a beautiful blend of classical Indian dance, folk Indian dance and the more current R&B, hip hop music. From the upbeat music to the colorful costumes, Bollywood is a celebration of Indian culture. Come experience it the Rhythmaya way with a chance to perform and be a part of a community!


Kathak is one of the eight forms of Indian classical dance that traces its origins to the nomadic bards of ancient northern India, known as Kathakars or storytellers. Kathakas present their dances with outstanding grace while maintaining quick footwork, expressive faces and tremendous strength. Join Rhythmaya’s modern Kathakas today and become part of this centuries old community!

Vidya Govil, Bride's Mom

Working with Sheila had been a joyful experience. She is talented, creative and experienced enough to know how to choreograph to the group. She is very punctual, communicative and a good listener too. Her energy permeates the room and she is able to capture the attention of a very big group too! She’s a dynamo at work!

Smitha, Rhythmaya Customer

We live in an area without easy access to Bollywood dance classes, but my 10-year-old daughter was very keen on learning a dance with her friends for an upcoming Indian festival.  I reached out to Nirathi and she was so helpful to teach us from afar. She chose beginner level steps and paired them with fun, current songs.  When we hit some stumbling blocks, she patiently broke down steps for us. She put together a few dances, consistently checked up on us, sent us an audio file for our event with the medley of songs, and rented us beautiful colorful costumes.  My daughter and her friends had a wonderful experience with Rhythmaya Dance and would like to continue dancing.  I would definitely recommend her services if you have an event in the future that requires a fun Bollywood dance for any age group.

Sanjana Meduri, Rhythmaya Past Student, Now Teacher

I love being a teacher with Rhythmaya because it gives me a chance to give back to the studio I’ve been with since I was pretty much a baby. This means a lot to me because it gives me a sense of pride for helping the studio which gave so much to me. These dance classes are heartening and give people a positive and healthy way to spend time. I’m so glad I get to be a part of this community!





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